Project managers have a lot to learn about inspirational leadership from Howard Schultz. This is the man who built Starbucks into a profitable billion-dollar company and yet said that Starbucks is not into the coffee business.

According to him, coffee is their product, but they’re in the people business.

Schultz’ philosophy is that people shouldn’t see what they do as a job, but something they’re passionate about.

That philosophy is what made Starbucks what it is today.

The best leaders know how to give a good pep talk. Howard, with his degree in Communications and Public Speaking, didn’t disappoint. He knew the right thing to say even at the darkest of times.

Just like a soccer coach whose team has conceded two goals to nil in the first half of the game, he needs to inspire the team to bring out the best in them.

You need to know the right words to say to lift their spirits. You also need to tactfully make them do away with ill feelings from the first half.

They need to have hope that things can work out in the second half of the match.

This is also the case in project management. Inspirational leadership is essential if the team is going to achieve the set goals.

As a project manager, you must help your team members focus on the value their work creates. Share the vision and ensure that every team member can connect to how their role contributes to the success of the project.

You need to help every member of the team find purpose in their work. People appreciate work they find meaning in. Large perks and extra pay are good, but fulfilment helps you give the best you have to offer.