I couldn’t help my father’s business, but i can help yours.

My father owned a donut shop. At the end of the day, he would count his daily receipts, put the money in a white paper bag, and bring it to the bank.

My father only knew how much money he brought in every day. He never knew how much money he made, or if the business was even profitable. As a business owner, he never believed he needed the proper operational or accounting systems to ensure ongoing success.  He gauged his success on daily receipts and assumed the business was doing fine.

He was wrong. Because of his struggles, I never want to see another business fail. Sales, finance, and operations are the DNA of every business. And while many companies focus on sales, we believe that operations and finance are the areas that cause the greatest challenges. Lack of systems and accountability is why most businesses fail.

we offer creative operational and finance solutions
for business looking to grow

At TRAMPETTI, our passion was founded on a son’s love for his father. Our goal is to provide companies with the very best support and guidance available to ensure operational scalability and financial accountability. Our mission is to help others avoid my father’s mistakes and to help businesses grow.

our story

Delivering stellar results from the very beginning

1st Major Client

$200m project completed ahead of schedule & 15% below budget

Led recovery for a 12,000 site

Obtained patent for a wireless structure

Led company through transition to grow business from $50m to $100m

Built online project management training course & community 2019

Won an award to provide commissioning & integrations services for Sprint & hired 6 FTE to commission site for Sprint

#3 in INC’s Fastest Growing Midwest Companies 

Expanded services into EV charging stations

Changed name From Napoli Management Group to TRAMPETTI as business evolved

Became a certified Predictive Index partner

Trampetti delivers operation, financial and strategic consulting services, software solutions, and management training to ensure clients optimize profitability and maximize growth.

All of our services are customized to meet your business needs, your team and your budget. We listen. We learn. There is no standard approach. We build and develop systems, tools, and recommendations based on your business – in real time.

our customers
say it best

Kind words from our amazing clients

“They led us and pulled us out of our comfort zone, they asked the questions we needed addressed. They lit a fire under us”

Derek S
Project Manager
Vertical Limit

“Michael came in, with his team, and it was really kind of, more or less, a calming force and setting the tone and creating direction, allowing us to move forward and get the job done effectively and efficiently”

Rob M
Vice President
Primus Electronics

“Trampetti helped us think through the specific roles of each team member, their strengths & weaknesses, to help us maximize the output of the team”

John L
Head of Campus Partnerships
Spin, A Ford Subsidiary

“Trampetti’s very clean and simple way of expressing the steps I needed to take was a huge blessing and helped me unblock my overthinking”

Simone R
Electrical Contractor

“Trampetti has shown us how to take book knowledge and make it applicable to our everyday routines while helping us better focus on important details”

Carl H
case studies
We have one goal, to improve your business.

Complete 32,000 Small Cell Site Assessments To Within In 4 Months, Requiring A GIS, Real Estate And Construction Specialist To Assess Permitting Constructability

Client Met Its’ Target Of 32,000 Desktop Analysis And Field Visits Within 3 Weeks



To Create A Quality Plan To Help Sprint With Their Nationwide Network Upgrade To 2.5 GHz

Improved First Time Through Success From 41% To 86%, Quality Management Built By TMG Still Being Utilized Today



Ensure 2400 Sites Built On-time & Within Budget

2,400 Site Builds In 12 Months, With A $5k Savings/Site, 90% FTT Success Rate & 24% Greater Savings vs. Non-Trampetti Regions



Conduct RFP to build 700 EV charging stations across the United States

Presented Client With Comprehensive Cost Model, Identified 45 New Vendors, & Enabled Client To Successfully Bid Nationwide

Electric Vehicles

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