Case Study





To Create A Quality Plan To Help Sprint With Their Nationwide Network Upgrade To 2.5 GHz


Redesigned Quality Program, Trained 10,000 Contractors, And Implemented New QualityManagement System
When Trampetti was brought on board there was no quality plan in place for Sprint’s 2.5GHz Network Upgrade which led to significant delays, revisits, and crews stopping work. Trampetti spent three weeks at the Sprint headquarters with their quality team.

Tasks completed:

  • Redesigned all training material
  • Compiled all training material into an easy to read manual
  • Built an 8-hour training presentation
  • Designed photo quality log
  • Built a quality management system to measure general contractors performance and ensure payment was rendered only upon approval of quality deliverables
  • Spent 12 weeks with a team of 12 to train all 10,000 contractors across the US


Improved First Time Through Success From 41% To 86%, Quality Management Built By TMG Still Being Utilized Today