Case Study



Sprint Small Cell Deployment


Complete 32,000 Small Cell Site Assessments To Within In 4 Months, Requiring A GIS, Real Estate AndConstruction Specialist To Assess Permitting Constructability


Hire, Onboard & Train 200 GIS, 200 Real Estate Specialist & 200 Construction Managers In Three Weeks
Developed a project model to define total resources required to complete project within client’s deadline. Then, defined the job description for each role. Coordinated 3 regions to coordinate interviews with subcontractors to hire, train and manage the resources. Within 3 weeks of SOW issued. All 600 contractors were in place and producing results. As hiring was on-going, coordinated with team to build workflow, checklist & training program
for deliverables. There were 200 teams established. Each team had a GIS, real estate specialist and CM. Each team had an allocated time to complete a deliverable.

Issues Trampetti had to overcome to meet the challenge:

  • No staff to perform tasks
  • No defined processes
  • 3 offices spread across the US
  • Must hire subcontractors to perform due to limited time to complete
  • Teams must sit next to each other to improve productivity


Client Met Its’ Target Of 32,000 Desktop Analysis
And Field Visits Within 3 Weeks