Case Study



Nationwide DOT Engineering Firm


To Help Client Bring a $1.3MM “Handshake Agreement” To Install 200 Fiber Nodes Under Control


To Identify Areas Of Concern And To Help Bring Operational & Financial Structure To The Project

When Trampetti arrived, the team was 18 months into the project, with 60% of the project completed. No SOW was defined at the start of the project. No three-way sign-off of SOW. No schedule or financial tracking of costs or profit. The team simply billed against each project budget until the funds ran out and then moved to the next one. The project was initially expected to complete in 6 months, and was now 12 months overdue.

Trampetti coordinated the team and built a formal scope of work. We built a matrix pricing of what each deliverable should cost. Then, we compiled a full analysis of what activities have been done based on the next matrix and projected work to be done. The scope of work was presented to the client after the second week.

Steps taken by Trampetti to meet the challenge:

  • Coordinated with team to clearly define scope of work for AE & GC services
  • Used new scope of work to define scope of work completed to date and projected scope of work
    required to complete project
  • Presented scope of work and revised estimated at completion cost to client


Identified $600k In Out Of Scope Work Which Client Was Able To Recover