Case Study

Electric Vehicle


National Electrical Firm


Conduct RFP to build 700 EV charging stations across the United States


Utilized The Trampetti Infrastructure Playbook To Organize & Streamline The RFP Process For A 700-Location Bid. Coordinated SOW Submissions From Over 100 Bidders Across The US, While Preparing 3 Year Cost Model

  • When Trampetti was on boarded, there was no formal RFP system in place
  • Established game plan with the internal team
  • Identified all potential bidders and ensured all were under NDA
  • Built RFP pricing matrix, detailed scope of work, project cost model, and coordinated all deliverables such as drawings, quality plan, & specs
  • Issued a detailed RFP to all bidders
  • Built a risk analysis


Presented Client With Comprehensive Cost Model, Identified 45 New Vendors, & Enabled Client To Successfully Bid Nationwide